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Experienced, Professional Dog Grooming Services at Carol's Pet Salon!

28 Years of Experience in the Pet Grooming Industry!

Dog hair care

Dog Hair and Fur Care

Ensure that your dog has a healthy coat with high-quality grooming services from Carol's Pet Salon! We care for dogs of all breeds and sizes and offer affordable rates on our grooming services!
Caring for Your Dog's Coat

Flea and Tick Treatments

Don't let disease-carrying pests make your canine friend uncomfortable or sick! Carol's Pet Salon offers a range of flea and tick dips that can free your pet from harmful bugs and pests.
Rid Your Pet of Fleas and Ticks

Contact Our Groomer

Need more information on our affordable grooming rates or our many dog grooming services? Then, Contact Carol's Pet Salon today and get the answers you need to properly groom your pet.
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